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Tang Soo Do– a traditional Korean martial art– combines kicks, strikes, blocks, and is a powerful tool for self-defense. Training also results in the development of individual character, discipline, respect, and physical fitness.
606 Karate & Self-Defense emphasizes not only the development of physical abilities, but the substantial improvement of each practitioner’s concentration and mental discipline. With the addition of our outstanding weapons training, our school provides each student the opportunity to become a well-rounded and proficient martial artist.


npnpicSa Bom Nim Kathleen Degnan has been studying Tang Soo Do for over 21 years under the direction of Master Joe Fitzgerald. She is a Master Instructor and continues to train with Master Fitzgerald, in addition to attending national seminars and tournaments in order to improve her skills as a martial artist.

For more than 12 years, Master Degnan has been teaching Tang Soo Do in the Chicago area; as head instructor for the University of Chicago’s Tang Soo Do club, and since 2014, in her own program on Chicago’s north side. In late 2020, she opened a karate school in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Both north and south side schools continue to run regular in-person and Zoom classes despite the pandemic. Master Degnan is passionate about her training, and loves to share her excitement for Tang Soo Do with her students.

5307 S. Hyde Park Blvd., Suite 203
Chicago, IL 60637
1500 N. Hoyne Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

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